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A Devil In Disguise (2014) A Documentary On Zionism
Originally Presented by: ModernDayBabylon on Youtube

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From Youtube:
A Devil In Disguise - Zionism and It's Threat to the World
Last updated on Jun 30, 2014

A documentary I made to help others understand Zionism, the illuminati 
and the cause of the worlds banking crisis, wars and pain...


01 Zionism and Its Threat to Christianity, Judaism & the World.mp4
02 The Satanic Talmud, Fake News & Zionist Controlled Media.mp4
03 The Creation of Anti Arab racism by Jewish Hollywood_1.mp4
04 Media Manipulation, The Socialist Illuminati & Its Bolshevik Revolution.mp4
05 Israeli Zionist racism towards Christians & Muslims.mp4
06 The Untold Story of Israel and The Jewish Queen of England_1.mp4
07 World War 3, America's Owners & Their Illuminati Propaganda.mp4
08 The Committee of 300 and Assassination of Princess Diana, David Kelly.mp4
09 Kabbalah Magick, Mystery Babylon & Ancient Forbidden Knowledge.mp4
10 Masonic Magic, Blood Ritual and The Synagogue of Satan.mp4
11 Ethnic Cleansing, Nuclear Bombs & The Black Slave Trade.mp4
12 Bill Cooper, The IDF & A List of Jewish Owned Media Companies.mp4
13 Louis Farrakhan & George Galloway on Libya, Iraq, Iran & Israels War.mp4

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